Know a little about BUDETU, incase of any further information required, its available on request!.


BUDETU means Babuka Development Trust Uganda. It is a voluntary charitable nonprofit making, grassroots development oriented and duly registered non-governmental, organization operating in the Republic of Uganda at country wide scale with its head office in the Republic Street in Mbale City.

The organization was initiated by the indigenous / local community of Mbale Uganda at Nkokonjeru Cell, North Central ward, Northern Division in Mbale Municipality.

It was begun as a community based organization by only 21 young men and women with three elders in 2007. It became recognized at the District level and became registered with Mbale District Local Government in 2011 and further became registered with the National NGO Board and Ministry of Internal Affairs on the 29/June/2011 for the first instance Reg. No. S5914/8699.

BUDETU meets the National Statutory requirements with her certificates valid and operational to date. Currently, the organization has over 239 members and over 400 beneficiaries in Bugisu sub-region.

BUDETU is a duly Registered and operational Non-Governmental Organization in the Republic of Uganda.

It is therefore our Obligation that BUDETU networks and partners with Local and International Associates to Enhance the Health Status, Eduaction Status, and Normal living standards of people living in isolated rural areas of the Country like Bududa which is facing and Environmental threat that not even the Government has no state of preparedness about.

BUDETU is a member to several local institutions as UNNF, DENIVA, UCSD, FENU, MACIS and MCAP among many others and now seeking for International institutions with a major goal of partnering in quest for the betterment of the unfortunate citizens of Uganda.

Our mission

Support Local Communities, Identify, Mobilize, Utilize, Develop and Manage Resources on Sustainable Basis.


Our Vision

Wealthier, Healthier, Happier Sustainable Local Communities


Our Values

  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Continuity
  • Sharing
  • Networking
  • Truth & Justice


Our programs

  • Natural Resources
  • Education & Skills
  • OVC
  • Agriculture
  • Holistic Ministries
  • Gender & Human Rights


Our Team

Khatete Winnie

Child Ministry

Kituyi Milka Rhodah

Ministry Co-ordinator