Current projets

BUDETU peldges to meet her targets only if potential partners come on board to jointly participate towards achieving a reasonable goal!

Post Covid-19

What would you wish for after Covid-19? its not yet over, its still here with us for much more longer than we may expect. Lets jointly devise means for a sustainable livelihood

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Make donations

Even those who would sell off a bunch of cassava to educate a child cannot, since the little left is to sustain them untill the next harvest. its hard a tough moment.

Help & support

With such a current global cause, we wish to reach relief packages and most of the home neccessity items to the unfortunate and poorest living below the lowest poverty line


Most Children in the region are likely dropout or fail to access quality education given the current financial stand where even the smallest savings are spent

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Children, especially older children, can be stressed by change and more changes may mean more stress. They may express frustration through behavioral or emotional outbursts.
Its so unfortunate that today many of the mothers in Uganda today did not at any time wish to parent at the moment but due to certain personal and unexplainable situations, they found themselves where could have not expected to. Its one of the best reasons why we wake up every morning and read of the increasing numbers of street children, HIV/ AIDs infections, Orphans and so many other cases associated and related to children. if we network and respond to such situations, we will definitely have better citizens tomorrow!


Gender Roles in Human Rights Based Approach Spiritual Tolerance, Religious Freedom, Political Participation and reforms, Democratic leadership and good governance, Environment and natural resources management among others in a very vital and crucial element which most institutions have not bothered to address and must not be left hanging if desirable gender performance is required in society.

Structures in Gender mainstreaming at all levels are neither duly Coordinated, Collaborated strengthened nor have an effective blood stream of implementation of Gender Programmes which must be improved too.

We fight together

We are care!

WE care about others

We are humans!

Our Causes



Over 1000 families have no access to food and clean water, this would procure atleast 5kgs of posho floor and rice for each home for up to 200 homes sustainable for atleast a week.


300 vulnerable pupils could have access to quality education for a complete year, its very unfortunate that only the fortunate have access to quality education .
6,000$ / 10,000$


Atleast 50,000 persons will have access to human rights information in a month by all means via holding confreneces, social media, radio talkshow, Tv shows and handouts across the country in 3 months.


Farmers need information about post-harvest handling, cultivation, gardening, wheather forecast and so much more related to farming practices that would be of great importance to them.