The Natural Resources Program

Proctecting the Natural Resources only requires unity and collaboration

Bugisu Region with a total land area of 1250 square kilometer is located easterly most bordering the Republic of Kenya. It is a mountainous area with the highest point of 4321m on Mt. Elgon called Wagagai Peak. It has only one protected area, Mt. Elgon National Park which covers the Districts of Mbale, Sironko and Kapchorwa cross border to Kenya

Bugisu has a current population status of approximately 1,450,000 in 2014. It has 5 administrative units referred to as District local government. The Region has fastest moving rivers feeding Lake Victoria R, Nile and L. Kyoga. Soils are volcanic in nature widely exposed to erosion. The climate is hot and wet receiving two unreliable rainfall peaks from March to June and August to November, the test being dry season. Gishu is a dominant tribe with circumcision as a traditional cultural threat to the Environment 93% of the population is agrarian community.

Bugisu Region both urban and rural environment has been heavily eluded and inclusive of the factors as- Soil erosion / landslides, Loss of fertility, Deforestation, Poor waste disposal and sanitation, Poor farming systems, Conflict unprotected areas, Poor river bank management, Land fragmentation, Poor physical and planning, Endangered species – colobushed monkeys, Wetland degradation, Pollution and contamination of water sources, Overgrazing, Poor animal and crop yields, Bush burning –stray fires.

The Natural Resources:

Good environment management practices for sustainable development.

  • Environmental education to resource users.
  • Technical and capacity building to institution to manage the local environment

  • Community sensitization for awareness.
  • Community education and training.
  • Local fundraising.
  • Performance and monitoring and evaluation.

If the above stated strategies are implemented, then atleast 12% of the Natural Resources factors shall be addressed by 2025.

Soil Erosion Prevention

Community Sensitazation and Training